Friday, April 30, 2010

Called back!

So it's been quite a while... i actually had forgotten which email account I'd set this blog up on... and in some respects i had to put my creative side to bed for a bit as I just put my head down and finished the 'bloody' thesis. I probably should have been madly blogging throughout sharing the gems of wisdom arising... but I didn't! But the thesis has flown away now to far off lands and we'll see how it goes in a couple of months time.

So back to more creative work a I've a couple of creative projects on the boil again. At present, particularly involved in all things tree like with an education project as part of the regional TreeLine art and environment program. Our project is called TreeMappa, and we are researching and creating arts-based digital content about significant trees in the region and will sharing that through a number of formats. So far I've been taking quite a lot of pics of trees, initiated some work in a coastal primary school and we've started the project with our first year students. I'm gradually getting them used to the concept of working in role and participating in an online space.... it takes a bit of encouragement though. We've set up a Ning space and wiki. Then eventually we're going to embed content on google maps and share them. It's taken a while to get things moving but I think we're getting there. I've been working on the story of the Eumundi Memorial trees and last weekend took quite a few pics at the local Anzac Day ceremony and created a short video clip.

poppies landscape

Now there is anohter reason i've come back to the blog - and that is becuase my boy asked me this week if I'd set up a blog for him. He has serious issues with writing but the ideas just flow out of him. He wanted a space where he could 'get these ideas out of me and share them with the world'. So basically he directs (as usual) and I scribe, but over time i'm hoping he'll do more of the actual writing. That's the plan anyway. .. and so far he is very excited about it. He's focussing on reviewing movies and games and so forth ... Kids View & Reviews - quite an interesting read I think you'll find!