Saturday, February 14, 2009

A big year for the big C

So Friday the 13th may be auspicious in many ways ... but this year saw the launch of the Year of Creativity in Queensland.... well I think it's only for schools really as it's an idea that emerged from the office of the Minister for Education and the Arts. The Minister obviously decided to try and grab the media's attention and ensure there were some fun folk to chat with by inviting along a few high-profilers to be "Ambassadors for the Year of Creativity" - these included actors Leah Purcell and Paul Bishop, writers Rebecca Sparrow & Sam Wagan Watson, chefs Alistair McLeod & Phillip Johnson, John Lee from production company Cutting Edge and a range of other interesting people. Unfortunately somehow my invitation got lost in the mail... however I have been going to some meetings with folk in the department about shaping up some of the activities for the yera and writing up a framing paper.... oh well, put the heels and sparkles away for next time.

It seems Years of Creativity are not all that original though, with Europe having an even bigger and better one this year - not just confined to one state, nor one ministry alone. Theirs is called the European Year of Creativity and Inovation and their launch was in Prague in January... not sure what minor celebrities were at that one.. but it sounds like there were lots of political types, perhaps their ministerial advisers weren't so craft with the invite list. They too have come up with the idea of "Ambassadors for the Year", ooh, another great chef in there - Ferran Adria Acosta, plus some pretty big names including Richard Florida & Ken Robinson (I've met both but I'm sure they might not recall the same about me) and some interesting sounding creatives including Philip Starck. So a big year for creativity coming up... will follow developments and hope that the invitation to something in Europe comes in soon - mmmm September would be nice!

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  1. And so off to election we go... i wonder how committed the new minister will be to the creativity and a year so boldly declared by an exiting minister!